Why Risen Savior Academy

Our School Environment
RSA has …..

  • A Christian environment that is loving and caring

  • Facilities that are safe and clean

  • Classrooms that are fun and conducive to learning

  • A campus with an open door policy with parents

  • A campus that will grow into a full K – 8 school

  • A school of best practices that includes the best elements of:

    • Cutting-edge, current curriculum

    • Classical Education with a strong emphasis on Language Arts and Math

    • Discipline that is used to correct and not punish

    • Teaching so that all students can find success

    • The latest in technology like smartboards, computers, and more

Our Teachers
RSA has…..

  • Teachers and staff that are committed to excellence

  • Teachers that have a passion for children and their education

  • Teachers that give attention to the needs and development of every student

  • Teachers that communicate regularly and effectively with parents

  • Teachers that partner with parents in educating and raising children

  • Teachers that are trained in their grade level and are state certified

  • Teachers that are facilitators of information

Our Curriculum
RSA has …..

  • A curriculum that centers around Christ and the Word of God

  • A curriculum that is research-based and proven to be successful

  • A curriculum that is developmentally appropriate

  • A curriculum that challenges the students to achieve excellence

  • A curriculum that meets and exceeds state standards

  • A curriculum that can be adapted to the needs of every student

  • A curriculum that includes advanced technologies

Our Statement of Excellence
In everything we do, we will pursue excellence in :

  • Being a dedicated school to the Word of God

  • Being a loving school towards students and parents

  • Being a committed school towards excellence and continual improvement

  • Being a dedicated school to students

  • Being a clean and safe school