Risen Savior Academy Curriculum:

The curriculum at Risen Savior Academy seeks to enrich the mind and enlighten the heart through the timeless truths of God’s Word. RSA’s curricular framework is balanced the comprehensive. Its design promotes cognitive growth in all of its objectives, activities, strategies, and resources. The curriculum takes into account the wide range of cultural backgrounds and learning styles of the students, offering flexibility to remediate the struggling student while at the same time enrich the gifted learner. Risen Savior will be fully equipped with the tools needed to succeed in and out of the classroom.

The summary of the RSA curriculum is:

  • A curriculum that centers around Christ and the Word of God

  • A curriculum that is research-based and proven to be successful

  • A curriculum that is developmentally appropriate

  • A curriculum that challenges the students to achieve excellence

  • A curriculum that can be adapted to the needs of every student

  • A curriculum that includes advanced technologies

Kindergarten Curriculum

The key component in RSA’s religion curriculum is Bible History, which presents both the Old and New Testament Bible lessons in an exciting, colorful, and memorable way. Each lesson has a key truth that is meaningfully discussed and applied to the children’s lives. Every lesson is send home for parents to review and discuss with their children. This comprehensive curriculum gives students a strongly rooted foundation in God’ Word, equipping them to live as children of God. Memorization skills are enhanced as students commit to memory Bible passages. Once a week children will gather for a brief children’s devotion. Parents and friends are invited to join the students for this devotion.

Language Arts
A strong foundation in the Language Arts will give the students the tools they need to continue advanced studies. Therefore, in these early grades, a very strong emphasis is placed on all the components of the Language Arts program.

Students develop a love of reading through phonics based instruction that incorporates thematic units of literature, poetry, short stories, and plays. Big books and comprehension skills, while developing comprehension. Students have accessibility to many books within the individual classroom.

Students are taught to be proficient writers in a step-by-step process that includes phrases, sentences, paragraphs, reports, letters, poetry, journals, and short stories. Grammar is taught and stressed in all writing lessons. Students are encouraged to exercise their free expression in creative writing lessons.

The spelling component of the curriculum develops the sound/spelling connection in language, provides dictation practice, and incorporates and reviews vocabulary words in weekly units.

Oral Expression
Students develop public speaking skills through experiences in show-and-tell, oral reports, and class presentations

A thorough mathematics curriculum is critical for the success in our ever-changing world. The math approach used is built around the use of manipulatives. Developing concepts of math, the why we do things, is stressed. Paper and pencil math occurs after a concept has been mastered with manipulatives. Singapore Math will be used in the early grades.

Science and Social Studies
Both of these subjects are taught through units in the Language Arts program.

Foreign Language
RSA plans to offer classes in Spanish from Kindergarten through all the grades.

Art, Music, Technology, Physical Education
All four of these curriculum areas are taught in the individual classrooms.